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Updated: July 12 2005

Hurray I finally found some time to rework the code for my first offering called REMOTE 1 which you can find more info on as well as a download using the link below. I've also got a working TIMER product that I just have to do the same kind of code clean up for. As well there's a JUKEBOX in the works.

ATOMIC LINUX is about providing disc image files that contain complete bootable systems which can turn most any i486 (or better) based machine into a networked appliance. Now you can take that old 486 or aging Pentium you've been using for a doorstop and turn it into a networked appliance capable of running all sorts of things around the home, office, factory, etc.

The basic idea is pretty simple. You take an old computer and configure the hardware to the minimal needs for whichever disc image you're running and hook it up to your LAN. Then using another machine (any operating system) on the same network you connect through a browser and update or pass commands. The advantage of using ethernet is that you can locate your appliance around one hundred meters away, whatever is the limit for your LAN. Your remote appliance will of course need to have some kind of interface to whatever its controling. I've provided some circuit ideas and if you search the web there's lots more.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm happy to announce that as of Sept 10 2005 has added REMOTE 1 to their Floppy Distribution page.

- Benjammin


  • REMOTE 1 - remote control of up to eight devices through the parallel port

  • CIRCUITS - electronics to interface the networked appliance

  • SOURCES - links to GPL source code

  • CONTACT - comments and bug reports

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